Ice Hotels

It’s that time of year when the weather starts getting warmer here in New Zealand, so it’s hard to imagine that over in Europe ‘winter is coming’ as they would say on Game of Thrones. And yet winter really is coming, and with winter comes ice hotels! Staying in an ice hotel is high on my wish list, and I’ve decided to apply for simple cash fast so I can get over to Europe by March to stay in one. The NZ dollar is pretty strong right now so I thought, why not?

Ice hotels are becoming very popularIce hotels are temporary structures that are built completely from ice. They are dependent on sub-zero temperatures so they are usually only open during winter and have to be rebuilt every year. The hotels consist of beds, chairs and other furniture which is made of ice or compacted snow and they are usually decorated with ice sculptures. Some of them have unique touches like bars (with ice glasses!), snow tunnels or churches attached to the main buildings. The original ice hotel was built in Jukkasjarvi village in Sweden, and has continued in popularity with artists contributing to it’s design each year. There are loads of other ice hotels to choose from, and they all look so cool – pun intended!


2 thoughts on “Ice Hotels

  1. Ice Hotels are a really cool thing. I’m looking forward to your review about one 😉


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