Strange Religious Buildings: agree or not?

You may ask yourself who decides whether a building and its structure are strange or not. That is right, no one is to judge and we all have different tastes and points of view.

In this post, I talk about two of the most strange religious buildings in the world…so feel free to judge them with your own words.

Metéora – Greece

This Greek Orthodox monastery is one of the most complex and strange religious buildings ever seen. Its name makes reference to the word “meteorite”, like “suspended or flying in the sky”. It is built on natural sandstone rock pillars and after Mount Athos, it is one of the largest construction in Greece.

Metéora - Greece

Ki – India

Also known and spelled as Kye, Ki or Kee, this strange monastery is located in India, and it is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated on top of a hill, around 4000 metres above sea level. It is well known for being a training center for religious matters for Lamas.

Ki - India

If after having read about them and seen some pictures made by thousands of photographers all around the world, you think these buildings are indeed quite strange, no worries, there are still hundreds of them out there…and you can find them on your own!


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