Some Green Super Structures

When a high-rise building commonly known as Skyscraper is build it has immense energy needs. Modern skyscrapers are supposed to be environment friendly too. It is tough on the designers, but they have done exemplary work in this regard. Here are some skyscrapers which are green too.

Bank of America Tower NY


The Bank of America tower in New York City is one of the green skyscraper. The whole building is built using recyclable material. So much for the environment.

A rain water harvest channel is also built with the building. It is exquisite as it takes care of almost 40% of water needs of the building and also keeps the water table high.

Another aspect of high-rise that is sunlight has also been taken care of. There is less need of lighting in the day due to excellent architecture. Th windows help to bring maximum light decreasing the lighting needs. It helps save electricity for 40 homes. Amazing is it not?

The Pearl river Tower in Guangzhou China


The Pearl river Tower in Guangzhou China is the first zero energy building. In fact the building is designed to harvest wind energy. It will also harvest solar energy and indeed give power to power grids.

It is indeed a unique creation and shows the future of skyscrapers, which will not only be self-sustainable but will also be giving to the society.

Okhta Towers St. Petersburg Russia



Okhta Towers St. Petersburg Russia is another example of green skyscraper. The building is build in such a way with needle top and glass to maximize entry of sunlight. The green house effect keeps the building warm during winters.

It gives new meaning to Eco-friendly design and reducing energy needs.

So we have seen how the skyscrapers can be used to harvest sun, wind and water in all possible ways. The future is bright.


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