Some famous buildings of New Zealand

Beehive New Zealand

I have been posting about many buildings and structures around the world. Last month I took a tour around my own country and was surprised by the history and architecture. So I have compiled a list from my diary. They are indeed superb structures and engineering marvels.

  • Beehive Wellington – The beehive is the name given to the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings. A visual spectacle.
  • Auckland Museum – One of the finest heritage buildings in New Zealand. It contains precious Maori artifacts. A must visit for travelers the building. The iconic structure is a structure to behold overlooking the Waitemata harbor in Auckland.
  • Olveston Historic Home Dunedin – Dunedin is the most historic town of New Zealand and it has this famous Olveston Historic Home. The marvelous architectures makes it look like a castle from medieval times. A must visit. Dunedin has more places to go like the Hocken Library and the public art gallery.
  • Ōamaru the city of white stone buildings – Every building in this town is white made of lime stone. You will not find such uniqueness anywhere in the world.
  • T & G Napier – In Napier is the T & G building right in the center of the town. It is the most photographed building of New Zealand.The green domed building has become one of the favorite background for showcasing Napier. It is one of icons of New Zealand.

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