Some famous buildings of New Zealand

Beehive New Zealand

I have been posting about many buildings and structures around the world. Last month I took a tour around my own country and was surprised by the history and architecture. So I have compiled a list from my diary. They are indeed superb structures and engineering marvels.

  • Beehive Wellington – The beehive is the name given to the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings. A visual spectacle.
  • Auckland Museum – One of the finest heritage buildings in New Zealand. It contains precious Maori artifacts. A must visit for travelers the building. The iconic structure is a structure to behold overlooking the Waitemata harbor in Auckland.
  • Olveston Historic Home Dunedin – Dunedin is the most historic town of New Zealand and it has this famous Olveston Historic Home. The marvelous architectures makes it look like a castle from medieval times. A must visit. Dunedin has more places to go like the Hocken Library and the public art gallery.
  • Ōamaru the city of white stone buildings – Every building in this town is white made of lime stone. You will not find such uniqueness anywhere in the world.
  • T & G Napier – In Napier is the T & G building right in the center of the town. It is the most photographed building of New Zealand.The green domed building has become one of the favorite background for showcasing Napier. It is one of icons of New Zealand.

Some Green Super Structures

When a high-rise building commonly known as Skyscraper is build it has immense energy needs. Modern skyscrapers are supposed to be environment friendly too. It is tough on the designers, but they have done exemplary work in this regard. Here are some skyscrapers which are green too.

Bank of America Tower NY


The Bank of America tower in New York City is one of the green skyscraper. The whole building is built using recyclable material. So much for the environment.

A rain water harvest channel is also built with the building. It is exquisite as it takes care of almost 40% of water needs of the building and also keeps the water table high.

Another aspect of high-rise that is sunlight has also been taken care of. There is less need of lighting in the day due to excellent architecture. Th windows help to bring maximum light decreasing the lighting needs. It helps save electricity for 40 homes. Amazing is it not?

The Pearl river Tower in Guangzhou China


The Pearl river Tower in Guangzhou China is the first zero energy building. In fact the building is designed to harvest wind energy. It will also harvest solar energy and indeed give power to power grids.

It is indeed a unique creation and shows the future of skyscrapers, which will not only be self-sustainable but will also be giving to the society.

Okhta Towers St. Petersburg Russia



Okhta Towers St. Petersburg Russia is another example of green skyscraper. The building is build in such a way with needle top and glass to maximize entry of sunlight. The green house effect keeps the building warm during winters.

It gives new meaning to Eco-friendly design and reducing energy needs.

So we have seen how the skyscrapers can be used to harvest sun, wind and water in all possible ways. The future is bright.

Weird buildings

Buildings are as we know are normal structures like apartments, villas or huts. However there are buildings around the world that catch the eye and are not normal at all. Here is a list of some of the weirdest.

1.Kansas city Library Missouri – It is literally books. Yes I mean it , the building looks like a stack of neatly arranged books from outside. It is regarded as America’s most beautiful library. The interior is even more amazing than the exterior. However it is the exterior which catches the eye.

Kansas City Library

Kansas City Library

2. Low impact wood house, Wales – It is straight from the Hobbit movie. Built with care it has all we see in the movies. Its structure brings back the memories of rural England of the 1800. Visibly it is awesome from outside as well inside. It is basic natural dwelling the thing we cannot dream today.

Low impact wood house, Wales

Low impact wood house, Wales

3. Rotating Tower, Dubai – This one is straight out of science fiction. This tower actually changes position every minute. It rotates full 360 degrees in 90 minutes. Looks like Star Trek right.

Dynamic Buildings Dubai

Dynamic Buildings Dubai

4.Nautilus House,Mexico City – This is a building from fairy tales unless you actually see it. It is a shell shaped building which looks like a house of mermaids. It is however on the ground so no worries.

Nautilus House,Mexico City

Nautilus House,Mexico City

5.The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik – This is a church which is different in its shape from all the rest. It is a marvel of symmetry and the faith. God surely would like this magnificent structure. Situated in Iceland it is one of the most beautiful structures and surely ranks highest in religious structures.

The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik

The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik








My Favourite Buildings in Spain

There are loads of structures in the world: tunnels, bridges, monuments, tombs…you name it. They are created for all sorts of purposes including spiritual, aesthetic, practical and entertainment requirements, and all have their own distinct value. However, today I’m just going to focus on buildings, which are actually a pretty diverse sub-breed themselves! Europe has always been an architectural oasis for me, it’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture that spans various eras, influences and trends.

The Sagrada was designed by Gaudi

The Sagrada Familia

Two of my favourite European buildings are located in Spain. One is a religious building and one is a palace; they are completely different but equally breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Firstly, I’m a big fan of Antonio Gaudi, so as you can imagine I love Barcelona where so much of his work is on display on the streets and in the parks of city. In order to really see the best of his work you need to head to the Sagrada Familia, the epic church project and labour of love that he worked on until his death in 1926. The Basilica is still under construction so be prepared to see a lot of building taking place whilst you visit, although this in itself is very interesting so be sure to check out the museum while you’re there. These days the building is the subject of controversy as some people believe new construction materials are being employed which Gaudí himself would not have used. The appearance of the building is truly original, combining Gothic and Art Nouveau forms, with striking facades and unique spires that form an unmistakeable silhouette amongst the city’s skyline.

The Alhambra is an architectural gem

The Alhambra, Granada

My second favourite Spanish structure is the magnificent and atmospheric Ahambra in Granada, Andalusia. If you love history, this place will floor you, it’s a stunning network of palaces and gardens that really evoke the ‘paradise on earth’ theme that its Muslim architects intended. Although it was originally constructed as a small fortress in 889, the large complex of the Alhambra as we know it today was built for the last Muslim emirs in Spain. After the Catholic conquest of Granada in 1492 some of the grounds were used and built on by Christian rulers but it soon fell into disrepair until being re-discovered by European adventurers and scholars. It’s very hard to resist its Moorish charms, the intricate stucco inscribed with Arabic calligraphy is mesmerizing as are the colorful tiles adorning the palaces. The location is also hard to miss, you can see its imposing walls rising up against the mountains in the distance – an architectural gem not to be missed!